Mercedes 560 SL

In April 1971, Mercedes introduced the successor to the legendary ‘Pagoda’. Codenamed the R107, this quick, modern roadster met with huge success and more than 300,000 were built until August 1989. During its long career, it was fitted with V8 engines from 3.5 to 5.6 litres in capacity and an in-line ‘six’ of 2.8 and then 3.0 litres. The model was exported in large numbers to the United States and left its mark on the American cinema, thanks to the many films in which it appeared. Today, this cabriolet is highly sought-after: apart from the driving enjoyment it offers, Few examples remain in good condition, free from corrosion and with low mileage.

The model presented here

The model presented is a 560 SL, fitted with the 231bhp V8 and a four-speed automatic gearbox.

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Type: 560 SL

Body: Cabriolet

Body color: White

Interior color: Cream

Motor: V8 Injection

Displacement: 5547 cm3

Powerful: 231 HP

Gearbox: Automatic 4 rapports

Dimensions: L: 4,58 – I: 1,79

Options: AC